Help Ease Symptoms of IBS and Indigestion with The Burger Buddy

Written by Loura Lawrence
I took this picture during a photoshoot for my dad. This is only half the fat from one home-cooked hamburger.

I took this picture during a photoshoot for my dad. This is only half the fat from one home-cooked hamburger.

Many customers* have told us that using The Burger Buddy as a diet tool has helped them reduce problems of ingestion, heartburn, and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). As the daughter of Dr. Abernathy (the inventor of The Burger Buddy), I can personally attest to this. I have struggled with the symptoms of IBS since I was a child; the stomach pains, the extra careful eating habits, the constipation, the diarrhea, the staying home and in the bathroom instead of having fun.

When The Burger Buddy was finally in prototype stage, I was a teenager. I watched first-hand many, many times the sludge that my dad got out of hamburgers. Now, The Burger Buddy works to take out up to 50% of extra fat in burgers without affecting taste. Dad experimented with cooked burgers of all varieties: outdoor grilled, pan cooked, restaurant, and Foreman Grill cooked, lean, sirloin, name-brand meat, and more. Each and every time he used The Burger Buddy, nasty stuff (to use a technical term) came out of the meat. I used to eat that.

Now I’m 31 with small children of my own. I still use my Burger Buddy and it still works to ward off unpleasant tummy symptoms in myself and my family. I can still eat a yummy hamburger with the family and get the protein I need, but without all the extra fat I don’t.

*Read our customer testimonials here

Acceptable Risk and Healthy Living

By Dr. Frank Abernathy

We all know that life comes with risks and none of us are getting out of this alive. However, risks can be roughly categorized into two groups: acceptable, and unacceptable. Of course, these two groups vary with every individual and can overlap depending on the circumstances.

Sometimes, what we considered an “acceptable” risk is suddenly thrown into the unacceptable category. Seat belts are an example. When I was a kid, I didn’t know what a seat belt was. I laid in the back window of the car going down the highway. Somehow, I survived unscathed from this experience. I also played with liquid mercury, rubbing it onto pennies to make them shine. Pretty cool at the time. I’m not sure if I got away with that one or not; depends on who you talk to I guess.

Sometimes, risk sneaks up on us in insidious ways. Take smoking, for example. Some people seem to get away with smoking. Most, do not. Day after day, smokers are exposing their lungs and others around them to the harmful chemicals associated with cigarette smoke.  My Dad and Mom smoked all the time. They both died of smoke-related diseases. My brother and his wife smoked for years. He had an aortic aneurysm and she now has COPD. Unlike my parents, she quit smoking and he has cut way, way, down, but the damage is already done.

Short Term vs. Long Term Thinking

All of this is old news, but people smoke anyway. Why is that? Because quitting would negatively impact their lifestyle, at least in the short term. Quitting smoking is extremely tough for a lot of people. The same thing applies to foods we like to eat, like hamburgers. People are not going to quit eating them just because someone says it’s unhealthy to eat hamburgers. Quitting usually requires a traumatic, life-altering event like a massive heart attack and even then, it may still be tough for some people to give them up.

The Burger Buddy Fat Reducer allows you to clean up your hamburgers right as they come off the grill, making them more heart-healthy* than a regular burger, and much more easily digestible. Taking less than a minute to leave out up to 50% of extra fat in your burgers for less than the price of an average pizza? Maybe you can have your cake and eat it too.

*While The Burger Buddy Fat Reducer has been laboratory tested to reduce up to 50% of fat in burgers, our company makes no guarantees about other potential benefits. Your personal diet should be discussed with your family doctor.

Fat and Flavor: How We Think About Food

By Dr. Frank Abernathy

If you’re told something over and over and over again, you may actually start to believe it, even if it ain’t so. This is the basis of brain washing which has given us everything from extreme politics, extreme religion, cults–you name it. People are quite easily manipulated, especially if you start on them at a young age. And once something is thoroughly ingrained, it is extremely difficult if not almost impossible to change their minds about it.

IMG_3098_2bLet me give you an example.  I demonstrated The Burger Buddy Fat Reducer to a local, well known chef in the greater Dayton area. I brought in two cooked hamburgers and he watched as I processed one of them through The Burger Buddy. He sprinkled a little salt on both of them and compared them for taste. No buns or other condiments were used.

His initial reaction was surprise because he said they were virtually indistinguishable. Now this isn’t just anybody off the street we’re talking about here. This is a chef that prides himself on cooking up all manner of culinary delights. Would all chefs say something like this? Probably not, because everybody’s tastes are different. However, the real kicker was what he said later. He said he could not promote a product like this because he promotes fat as a source of flavor. Does that beat all or what?

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